8 Ball Pool: Tips for Success

  1. Using a spin

You can put a spin onto your shots by clicking the cue-ball (see the corner) & dragging the dot appropriately or with the arrow keys. A dot tells you where the cue would hit the ball: in case you are looking for a back spin, take the dot towards the bottom part of the cue ball & in case of a top spin, drag the dot towards the topmost part of the cue-ball.

The harder you strike the shot, the more spin would be generated. Nonetheless be wary, since too much spin & power might send it off the control & inside a pocket.

  1. Planning well ahead

The top players of this game not only think of the current shot, they are thinking of 1, 2, at times even 3 shots ahead.

Taking this into consideration, you could start thinking about the power or which type of spin you’ll require during the shot.

  1. Positioning

This is the key to achieving greater success while playing 8 Ball Pool. You must be able to keep a tight control upon the position of the cue ball all the time. Do not hit the balls like crazy. Instead, it can be much better to use all the time offered to you.

  1. Power

Another important factor is the amount of power you use. For instance, it could be much better if you use a lower power shot for the balls nearer to a pocket.

  1. Play again and again!

This single tip is the most crucial one: ensure that you play 8 Ball Pool over and over again!

If you ask some of the top players of this game, you will find one thing common. They have played this game consistently in order to take their gaming skills to a whole new level. They understand how much power should be put during the shots, how to strategize different shots, etc.

So, if you wish to join these pros, it is important to practice the game and keep learning new things! Also, remember that you will be able to practice this game even offline using your mobile device.

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Final Words:

We hope the above tips will help you in improving your gaming skills and compete with the pros of 8 Ball Pool very soon. Good Luck!